Make a PCB

1) Design and Print out the mask with a laser printer on a glossy sheet of paper. As you turn the sheet upside down, the print should be mirrored. Check for alignment when both sides are to be used.


2) Use a hot iron to transfer the toner black onto the cupper board. Select the highest temperature available.


3) Submerge under water and rub off the paper with a tooth brush.IMG_3658

4) Do some corrections to the mask. During the etching the toner will cover the cupper. Uncovered areas will disappear.

IMG_3685 IMG_3689

5) Etch your PCB with suitable chemical, like

  • Iron(III) chloride (FeCl3) or
  • Sodium persulfate (Na­2S2O8).

Take a hot plate to Keep a warm temperature.

IMG_3690 IMG_3704

6) Remove the mask with a solvent, e.g. acetone.

IMG_3715 IMG_3719

7) Drill holes, solder devices and cover with transparent lacquer to prevent corrosion of cupper.

IMG_3725 IMG_3783

(c)langhans 2014




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